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Hotellier for Travel Agents

Gain access to the fastest-growing network of hotel partners in the luxury travel sector. Connect directly with your representative, request proposals, find information about the property, and stay up to date with the latest news and offers.

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Old Way

Not always knowing who is the best contact in each property.

Not knowing the direct contact details. Relying on multiple sources of communication.

Leave each industry event with business cards, hoping you will see each other next year.

Get product knowledge from various sources and not always up to date.

Do individual research about each hotel before you can recommend it to your client.

New Way

Easily find the right contact in each hotel in the Members Area

Find the direct contact details of each Sales Manager, or reach them easily via chat.

Connect with your contact directly and maintain a long term relationship.

Join a Hotel Circle and receive regular updates and news about the property and offers.

Use our advanced AI Recommendations to find the best property for your client.

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Stay Connected

Easily find and interact with hotel partners around the world. No need to blindly call the Reservations line, or go through your business cards drawer.


Use the chat feature to instantly communicate with hotel partners, follow their online activity and subscribe to hotel pages that interest you

Easy Communication

It might be tedious to switch between calls, emails, and WhatsApp messages. With Hotellier. you can connect, communicate and stay up to date with hotels, all on the same platform.

Your Own Black Book

Expert knowledge is key in your industry. With the Member Directory, it's simple to locate the best contact and get in touch with them via the chat, even if you haven't met before.

Follow Up, Stay in Contact

An all-encompassing platform to maintain contact with partners even after trade shows, fam trips, events and site inspections. Add contacts you know to your "Follow" list and connect with them long-term.

Your Benefits

Experience seamless networking and collaboration as a travel agent, connecting you effortlessly with hoteliers and streamlining your interactions.

Become a Member

Step 1

Get started with Hotellier by clicking on Become a Member. Choose a suitable subscription and create an account. Make sure you include your company name, position and location.

Step 2

After you complete your sign up, head over to My Account to update your profile. It's important to do this to make sure colleagues and partners can find you. Don't forget to add a profile picture and write a short post about yourself and your business.

Luxury Accommodation in the Mountains

Step 3

That's all! Now you can enjoy the benefits of your membership. You can navigate the Members Area by visiting the Members & Partners page where you can find and connect with other colleagues and partners.

Rooftop Suite Luxury Hotel

Step 4

Visit the Hotel Circles page where you can find all the partner hotels. Join a Hotel Circle to interact with hotel representatives, find in-depth information about your hotel of interest, find out about the latest news and offers, and connect with the community.

How It Works

New Features Coming Soon

We are working to release even more features to enhance your experience.

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Mobile App

All Hotellier has to offer, on the go.

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Bespoke CRM

Industry-specific workflows including availability searches, follow-up tasks, GDS connectivity.

networking event

Industry Events

Networking events backed up by our community.

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Are you ready to join the fastest growing Travel Industry Network?

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