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Hotellier for Hotel Partners

Hotellier is a revolutionary Networking Platform that brings Travel Agents and Hoteliers together, helping them connect, communicate and grow sales easily.

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Old Way

Rely on business cards, system reports and industry events to find new partners.

Not knowing the direct contact details. Relying on multiple sources of communication.

Leave each industry event with business cards, hoping you will see each other next year.

Hard to share news and updates about the hotel, as well as offers and promotions.

Do individual research about each hotel before you can recommend it to your client.

New Way

Save time finding new agency contacts in the Members Area.

Find the direct contact details of each Travel Agent, or reach them easily via chat.

Maintain relationships with the agents long-term via Hotel Circles

Create a Hotel Circle and invite agents to your Circle. Send members regular updates and news about the hotel.

Use our advanced AI Recommendations to find the best property for your client.

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Connect & Communicate

Easily find and interact with luxury travel agents around the world. Contact them easily and follow up on previous conversations.

Promote Your Hotel

Create a Hotel Circle page and post information and share offers with agents who follow you and your hotel.

Get Prospecting Done

Conduct your routine market research and prospecting with our directory of international travel agents. Send messages and follow ups directly on the platform.

Your Sales Trip Companion

An all-encompassing platform to connect & maintain contact with travel agents after trade shows, fam trips, events and site inspections. Add contacts you know to your "Follow" list and connect with them long-term.

Be Recommended by AI

Travel Agents share their requirements via the AI Chat. Your hotel will be recommended based on their client's preferences.

Your Benefits

Enabling hoteliers to effortlessly connect with travel agents, expanding your reach and efficiency while bidding farewell to outdated prospecting methods.

Become a Member

Step 1

Get started with Hotellier by clicking on Become a Member. Choose a suitable subscription and create an account. Make sure you include your Hotel name, position and location.

Step 2

After you complete your sign up, head over to My Account to update your profile. It's important to do this to make sure colleagues and partners can find you. Don't forget to add a profile picture and write a short post about yourself and your business.

Luxury Hotel in Sunny Destination
Poolside Luxury Hotel

Step 3

Go to Hotel Circle and create a new Circle for your hotel by clicking on "Create Group +". Add a main image and the name of your hotel. Set the Privacy of your Hotel Circle as "Private" to allow you to control who has access to your Circle, but set the Visibility to "Visible" so the Hotel Circle can still be discovered. Once created, a Hotellier team member will review your request and approve your Circle within 24 hours.

Details in a Luxury Accommodation

Step 4

Once your Hotel Circle is approved, you will receive a notification to head back to Hotel Circles and select your group. You are now ready to create a post, add media and invite members to join your Circle. Why not post something interesting about your hotel or your latest offers? Other members will begin requesting to Join your hotel group. Make sure to check your notifications and approve or decline their request to join your community.

Luxury Accommodation Hotel

Step 5

That's all! Now you can enjoy the benefits of your membership. You can navigate the Members Area by visiting the Members & Partners page where you can find and connect with other travel agents or hotel partners.

Pool in Sunny Destination

How It Works

New Features Coming Soon

We are working to release new features soon that will enhance your experience on Hotellier.

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Mobile App

All Hotellier has to offer, on the go.

working on a macbook

Bespoke CRM

Industry-specific workflows including availability searches, follow-up tasks, GDS connectivity.

networking event

Industry Events

Networking events backed up by our community.

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